Your Cancer / Oncology Treatment Pharmacy Specialists

specialty oncology cancer treatments available at City View Pharmacy in Astoria, NYC 11102
Oncology/Cancer Treatment at City View Pharmacy

At City View Pharmacy, our Specialty Pharmacists have extensive experience in the area of oncology treatment. We work closely with your oncologist to keep your treatment running smoothly.

Let City View be your source for oncology drugs like:

  • Aranesp®,
  • Femara®,
  • Neupogen®,
  • Neulasta®,
  • Procrit®,
  • Xeloda®
and more. If you're having trouble finding a particular medication, call us and let our Specialty Pharmacists find it for you. We stock the essential and hard-to-find cancer drugs and conveniently deliver them to you in all five boroughs of New York City, with our free delivery service.

    Special Services:
  • FREE delivery service to clients in all five boroughs of NYC, Monday-Saturday.
  • We accept all major insurance plans including Medicaid, Medicare and ADAP. Call us with your prescription insurance questions,
  • Our custom "Dose Packing Service": If you have trouble remembering to take your medications or need help understand your treatment regimen, call us to find out how City View's Patient Education and Adherence Tools can make managing complex treatments easier.

Call us to learn how our Specialty Pharmacists and staff can go the extra step to help you manage your pharmacy care when you need it most.