City View Pharmacy, A Compounding Pharmacy

specialty pharmacist staff at City View Pharmacy in Astoria, NYC 11102specialty pharmacist staff at City View Pharmacy in Astoria, NYC 11102

"Compounding" refers to the process where a Pharmacist takes an existing medication and converts it to a new form (for example, from pill form to an ointment or liquid suspension) or new dosage (for example, creating pediatric dosages from an adult dosage), or adds flavorings or new ingredients to an existing medication. In the tradition of the early "chemists" or "apothecaries", compounding is a hands-on process which can also be used to combine a medication with other ingredients or create a new strength or specialized treatment as required by your physician.

We have many years of experience working directly with physicians to create specialty treatments. Our Compounding Service ensures your medication is the proper dose in a convenient form.

We also offer flavorings for children's medicines in popular flavors kids love.

Call our Pharmacy Department to learn more about Compounding or Flavoring of medications.

    We also offer:
  • FREE prescription delivery service to clients in all five boroughs of NYC, Monday-Saturday.
  • all major insurance plans including Medicaid, Medicare and ADAP accepted. Call us with your prescription insurance questions,
  • Our custom "Dose Packing Service": If you have trouble remembering to take your medications or need help understand your treatment regimen, call us to find out how City View's Patient Education and Adherence Tools can make managing your complex treatment easier.