Compounding: Your Meds Get a Personal Touch

We are in charge of the effective treatment

My Canadian Pharmacy offers the clients a possibility to alter the form of the medication course. It’s especially profitable for patients on maintenance drugs. You do have to take your regular medication, but we know how to simplify the process and make it more efficient.

What can a pharmacist do to simplify the intake of your current drugs?

  • Offer a new dosage if the current one is not sufficient;
  • Create a personal pediatric dosage for a young patient who is already on a medications course;
  • Pick out the right dosage or a generic analogue with a less aggressive composition for a child with intolerance to specific components of the medication;
  • Add new ingredients to the medicine to make it more effective;
  • Make flavourings for children’s medicines.

Back in the old days, pharmacists working in the apothecaries of that time knew how to make a regular med more efficient in comparison to its original version. They added flavours and extra ingredients to create a more profitable combination. It’s almost the same nowadays. The quality and the choice of the drugs have increased, and the amount of additional ingredients able to boost up the effectiveness of your medication is enormous. Your physician prescribes the med, and the compounding pharmacy makes it more effective.

Additional Services

  • Free delivery of the prescription medications (make sure your city is included in the list of locations we interact with).
  • Acceptance of the majority of delivery plans available in the US.
  • A personalized delivery service for patients who have to take medications regularly. We offer regular bulk supply of the meds you need to deal with your chronic condition.
  • Delivery of maintenance medications for those who recover from the surgical intervention or any other type of treatment that implies a long-term recovery process.

We offer impeccable service, and to-notch med delivered right to your door when you need it. Compounding procedure lets us create unique, custom medications, depending on your needs.

We’re here for you if you need:

  • Preservative-free medications;
  • Dye-free pills;
  • Sugarless meds;
  • Drugs free of alcohol.

If you need to customize your medication in accordance with your health indicators and

Pharmaceutical Compounding: FAQ

1. What does a compounding pharmacy do?

A compounding pharmacy mixes and combines alternative ingredients to make up an individual medication. Unfortunately, the FDA does not accept compounding. You take compound drugs at your own risk. Two or more drugs can be mixed to reach a flawless result. An individually tailored drug can become a universal solution.

2. What is the difference between a pharmaceutical manufacturer and a compounding pharmacy?

Keep in mind that a pharmaceutical company has almost nothing to do with a pharmacy. The thing is that a company is a manufacturer, a supplier governmentally approved by the legislation of Food and Drug Administration.

The manufacturer of drugs produces pharmaceutical products, and a compounding pharmacy changes the structure of the medication. This operation can be dangerous if you deal with an uncertified provider of healthcare services. Make sure the compounding pharmacy works following the legislation of the FDA.

3. Who can deal with the compounding procedure?

Compounding is a complex process that demands skill and experience of a licensed pharmaceutical professional. When the drug you need does not entirely go in line with your health indicators, you can order personal preparation with the replacement options.

4. Do compounded drugs have quality specifications?

Yes, they do. No pharmacist will let you mix the ingredients potentially dangerous for your health.

Remember that:

  • Certain combinations of drugs should meet CGMP requirements;
  • Section 503A of the FD&C Act regulates the procedure of pharmaceutical med compounding;
  • Compounding quality standards are different depending on the state;
  • All medications, either prepared by an outsourcing facility or by a pharmacy, should be kept in appropriate sanitary conditions.

All compounded meds offered by our pharmacy are prepared and packed in accordance with the laws and governmental approval. Feel free to get in touch with one of our online specialists for sufficient information about drug compounding and replacement of certain ingredients.