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Our strong online presence has started since 2002 and we are one of the best on the web. You can choose from about 120,000 medicines and order it conveniently at a very low price online. Here, you can easily obtain the medicine that you want, through a click of a mouse. Just use the classic product search (enter search name or part number). As you type, some suitable product suggestions will be given to you. Or you can search specifically, within our thematically ranged categories. Popular health topics such as homeopathy, colds, and weight loss that are listed in our thematic shops, will provide you with the recommended products and information and reviews. Since our online pharmacy has a huge variety of products, some famous pharmaceutical brands are sectioned separately as well. Thus, at the convenience of just a few clicks, you will be able to get hold of your favorite drugs from our online store. Details such as price, basic price, presentation form (film-coated tablets, nasal spray, etc.), manufacturers, and instructions to use will be provided on the respective product details page.

Inventiveness is one of our best features. As a family pharmacy, we pride ourselves in dispensing drugs for every people, who are closed and cherished in your life. We have an amazing family and is one of our family members as well. We can magnify your selections and expand your benefits through better drug choices, awesome offers, and reduced shipping costs as we have amazing partners. As a licensed Canadian mail-order pharmacy, our mission is to infuse avant-garde healthcare with established pharmaceutical services and to provide individualized prescriptions as well.

We advocate exceptional consulting, superb service, and high-quality matter while always retaining fair price advantages for all of our customers. Therefore, we strive to provide fast delivery within 2-3 working days, after an online order is placed. Free shipping starts from $15. Since we are a certified online pharmacy, be rest assured that you will enjoy safe online ordering, payments with invoices, secure online payment methods, and efficient delivery of goods from our reliable logistic partners. Besides offering discounts of up to 50% on over-the-counter medicines, My Canadian Pharmacy also provides a free bonus program, whereby customers can enjoy free shipping and savings through bonus hearts, supplements, and 5% additional saving discounts.

As a trusted international online pharmacy, we are not just a supplier of medicine, but we are also your dynamic partner for all matters about health and prevention. Our pharmaceutical experts will answer all of your questions concerning your health, whether it is your existing medication or other hot popular topics such as nutritional supplements, balanced diets, cosmetics and personal care, medical devices, diabetic supplies, and much more. We will also determine whether interactions with other medicine can happen based on your online order. If you have been our repeated customers in the past and had provided us with additional health information, we will ensure your health safety by checking your order for any contraindications and other interactions. Whether via phone, e-mail, or in writing, our pharmacists are more than glad to inform and advise you. To show our appreciation, we provide you with a special service by assisting your medicine intake as well. Your tablets will be sorted based on your consumption time and repackaged for two weeks under the latest pharmaceutical standards.

All of the prices listed include VAT and shipping costs. The information on this website is for educational purposes only. It does not replace the examination and treatment done by a certified doctor. Please be informed that it can neither be diagnosed nor therapies initiated.

Constantly At Your Service

Consultation on all questions about

  • Your medication
  • Body care and health
  • Homeopathic medicines
  • Natural medicines such as health wrapping,


  • Production of patient-specific formulations
  • Reservation of medication on pre-order
  • Obtaining international medicines
  • Loyalty card with annual statement of your additional payments and purchases for your health insurance or tax office
  • Serving and tasting events
  • Health tests
  • Blood pressure measurement

Cosmetics & Toiletries

  • Eucerin, medical skin care
  • Olive oil cosmetics
  • Foot care products
  • Products for health maintenance
  • Vitamins and minerals for athletes
  • Weight loss products

Easy to Order from Home

Unexpected events happen all the time and it is never easy to prepare it beforehand. You might not be able to leave your house due to sudden mobility restrictions. Worry not, as we have a special service for you. Use our convenient home delivery service! We can deliver right to your doorstep and you can save your travel time to your local drug store. Just send in your prescription to us through the mail, fax, or even better use our favorable online prescription ordering service. You can choose your dispatcher service for delivery to your home or your workplace. To ensure quick and efficient shipment, please also take note of our delivery times and time zone differences.

We offer excellent choices of easy direct debit payment or cash on delivery. For repeated orders, we would advise you to fill in and sign a direct debit authorization on our website. Our dispatch drivers can collect the direct debit authorization form from you as well. You can order your medicine conveniently from the privacy of your home, your workplace or anywhere in the world through our order form. We will ensure that your medicine is reserved and the procurement of non-stocked packs is taken care of as well. Please read carefully before accepting our privacy policy. Although MCP upholds a strict standard in security, there is no 100% guaranteed. Do not use the form but call us directly instead, if you have any concerns or would like to provide us with confidential data.

Good Advice and Savings at My Canadian Pharmacy

With over 220 branded products in our catalog, we are offering a half-yearly changing offer at a discounted price. Our pharmacy has all the products made immediately available for you.

Notes on our actions

  • Coupons for a new customer

You can redeem a $7 coupon from the code that you will receive through your email. This promo is only for customer’s first order or over-the-counter items. Only one coupon can be used per customer, with per order. Minimum order of $50 must be spent. There will be no cash payment.

  • +1 action

This is valid for all of the products participating in this offer. No cash payment will be given out. Only valid for new purchases.

  • Immediate discount on saving sets

You can redeem a 6% discount by using the code sent through our email. This coupon is useable only for items that are included in the so-called saving sets. Only one coupon can be used per order. No other discounts are not allowed to be combined. No cash payment accepted either.

  • Bonuses for product reviews

Loyal fans of My Canadian Pharmacy can receive a credit of 2000 bonuses in their customer accounts for every unlocked product rating. Activation can take place after MCP had performed editorial examinations. A maximum of 4 evaluations per month can be unlocked by each customer. There will be no exchange of cash payments.

  • 5-50% discounts on products

This discount is available for products sold at normal retail prices. It is also valid for over-the-counter products only.

  • Free shipping

Standard deliveries are only available within Canada and the U.S. for labeled drugs. Free shipping also applies to the free MCP bonus program.

Participation in Our Bonus Program

Good news to all My Canadian Pharmacy members, as you will receive free shipping for all orders with standard deliveries within Germany. As long as there are products worth $20 purchased, free samples can be added into the cart. Get the latest information from our newsletter and members can regularly test out new products. Logged-in members can also enter coupon code at and enjoy immediate 6% discounts on all saving sets.

You can reap bonuses from over-the-counter product orders. For every $1 purchase value, you will receive 10 bonuses. Our members can receive extra bonuses such as 2x bonuses from participating products during selected promotion periods. You can also enjoy 300 bonuses per product evaluation online. A maximum of 4 reviews can be submitted each month. You can redeem your confirmed bonuses anytime – 2000 confirmed bonuses will receive immediate credit of $1. To check your bonus balance, get it from the customer area or just seek our customer service specialists.

My Canadian Pharmacy members will receive frequent invitations to privilege events in Canada, with up to 20 tickets per event. Tickets are always assigned fairly according to the respective registration. The whole cost of the event inclusive of the hotel lodging will be covered by us.

We have the right to change, supplement, or restrict the content of the program benefits. Three weeks after the shipment of your order, your collected bonuses will be credited to your account. The purchase price has to be paid if a claim to bonuses is to be submitted. After six months, bonus hearts will expire, unless they have been reclaimed or additional bonuses have been obtained. A customer can have a maximum of 50000 bonuses in his or her account. No further hearts will be credited once an MCP member has reached this upper limit until bonuses have been collected.

To receive special promotions, coupons, and tips, you have to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter, when you join My Canadian Pharmacy membership. Termination of membership can be done at any time in the customer area. You can also use the unsubscribe link in the e-mail newsletter to cancel the membership. Your membership ends automatically, as soon as you unsubscribe from our newsletter. All of your membership rights will be terminated immediately. All credited heart bonuses will be ceased from the bonus program and cannot be redeemed for future orders.

Make Personal My Canadian Pharmacy Customer Card and Learn Its Advantages

  • Continuity

We understand, which cough medicine had helped you last winter or which is your frequently prescribed medicine from your doctor. We provide more care and safety measures for you.

  • Compatibility

How compatible is your medication? This question can be easily answered through the usage of our customer card – even for medicines bought many weeks ago.

  • Discount

For the purchase of items from the free choice range and over-the-counter medicines, we will award you a 4% discount.

  • Payment receipt

All your prescription payments are recorded in our pharmacy system. You can receive a list of co-payments from us at any time, upon request as proof to your health insurance or the tax office. There is also the possibility of creating a co-payment receipt from the official payroll data.

  • Personal consultation with us for free

Dispensing pharmaceutical consultation that is ethical and of the highest standards is very important. For products that you have bought from us, we are offering our consultation free of charge. However, regrettable we have to refuse any advice about products that are not bought from us. We are always willing to advise you personally at our pharmacy.

  • Consultation around the clock

Besides our opening hours, you can also get medical advice from our hotline. To enjoy the maximum benefit of our services, please enter the number of your card with every purchase. We are giving out the card for free, so do not hesitate to ask us.

Patient Information

Please read the package leaflet and consult your medical practitioner to avoid risks and side-effects. All prices include VAT and exclude shipping costs. Kindly note that the prices shown here are available exclusively for orders via the Internet only. All illustrations are similar, errors are excluded. Product names are brands or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Kindly visit the website of the specified manufacturer or contact them directly, if you would like to receive further information that follows the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The manufacturer will answer all of your queries for free. Through our information service, you can write your questions by stating the name, the manufacturer, and the pharmaceutical central number of the article and use the contact information on the website. Moreover, you can also reach us via phone during our business hours. Kindly take note, before the product’s delivery, full information cannot be made available until the item is accessible to you.