City View Pharmacy's FREE Dose Pack Service

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Are you or a loved one taking multiple medications and have trouble remembering which pills to take OR if you took your pills today? Or does someone you know have several caregivers, like family members or visiting nurses? City View Pharmacy's special "dose packing" service helps patients take medications safely and correctly for better health AND peace of mind... at no extra cost. Our system makes it easy to tell which medications you already took... and which ones to take next.

Let our staff "fill you pill box" with our free "dose packing service." We place all prescribed medications needed

  • into single, labeled and sealed packets
  • to help you take only the right pills
  • at the right time, every time!

Call us at 718.545.2550 to try our FREE dose pack service or EMAIL a LINK to this page to YOUR FRIEND who might benefit from our free Dose Pack Service.

    We also offer:
  • Over 40 combined years specialty pharmacy expertise in many complex medical conditions, like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, infertility and cancer.
  • a close working relationship with your health care providers to ensure your best possible treatment.
  • FREE delivery service to clients in all five boroughs of NYC, Monday-Saturday.
  • We accept all major insurance plans including Medicaid, Medicare and ADAP and can help you with your prescription questions.

Call us at 718.545.2550 to try our FREE dose pack service.


Are you a health care provider with patients who can benefit from our free Dose Pack Service? Contact us at 718-545-2550 or for more information.